The Importance of Lighting in a Bathroom

Lighting is a very important element of any bathroom. It can make very small spaces seem much bigger and can create an ambiance that can increase the relaxing aspects of the room.

A well thought out lighting theme in any bathroom will complement the choice of decor and other features such as bathroom suites and shower enclosures. This is really important for those people that have very little or no natural light, which is very common for those people who have en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms which have been added to a property in a previously unused space.

It is important to light your bathroom properly to avoid mold and damp. Along with proper ventilation, lightning will prevent the onset of common bathroom problem and keep tile grout, walls, and ceilings free from stains and bacteria which thrive in dark, damp environments.

Here are some ideas for making your bathroom lighting very creative:

Down Lights – Recessed halogen lights are very small and neat, and also take up minimal space.

Floor Lights – Placing lightning within your floor can make a unique feature for soothing ambiance and can be installed along the edge of the room.

Spot Lights – These can be angled to highlight specific areas of the room or brighten up dark corners, and one fitting can hold a number of lights.

Mirror Lights – These lights are efficient and perfect for shaving or applying make up.

The right lighting can brighten up the room and create a soft, gentle atmosphere for relaxation, use it to make a dark room light and bright or add the wow factor to your existing bathroom suite or shower enclosure.

Author: Frederick Wilson